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I find Yang Yin’s service extremely outstanding. She is very dedicated to her work and I feel she truly cares about her customers. She displayed extensive knowledge on the health, techniques and various aspects of massage.”


Good spa experience at Spa Rael. Clean rooms with relaxing smoothing music in the background. The room also come with attached shower and hearted blanket of it gets too cold during the massage session. The masseuse was very skilful with firm massage and attentive to the needs of the customer, as well as always checking if the strength is alright."


My face really improved a lot after the facial! All the previous bumpy areas on my chin and forehead are much smoother now. My skin is brighter and my makeup goes on a lot better too. My skin has less clogged pores and outbreak of pimples!"


...The facial therapist was professional and had excellent techniques as I started snoozing as soon as she massaged my face. Totally relaxing! So glad they didn’t try to hard sell me any packages. Would recommend their facials.

Ms. Floberita

After confirming my massage preference, a staff immediately ask me what drinks would I like. It’s was a very short wait before I was shown to the room. During the massage, the therapist Anna is very concern about my experience, she periodically confirm about my preferred strength, frankly, she control her strength very well...

Ms. Kris