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About HANN


The skin is a reflection of our inner self. Recognising that the mind and skin are intrinsically intertwined, HANN has launched a holistic collection of face and body products.
Our first HANN collection is our Asia-inspired face and body range. We are constantly scouring Asia to find the best Asia-specific beauty ingredients to address Asian skin needs and climate for maximum benefits. Drawing inspiration from traditional Asian remedies and diverse native influences, we have curated a unique product range that go beyond curative purposes. Crafted in limited batches each time to guarantee freshness and the highest quality, our star products include the Chimu Body Oil which is enriched with Indonesian Jamu tonic and Chinese herbs to harmonise the body; and the Tremella Face Mask which uses Snow Fungus Extract, conscientiously gathered from deciduous trees in Asia to brighten, hydrate and firm skin instantaneously.
A relaxed mind and body have a positive and powerful impact on the skin. Our second HANN collection involves collaborating with a team of qualified aromatherapists to create a private collection of aromatherapy face and body treatment creams. The oils are sourced from certified organic farmers in USA and Canada to create our signature blends. Brimming with a medley of vitamins and nutrients, these treatment creams will invoke positive feelings and emotions on the skin. Some of our private collection include Sensual Spa Blend (Rose, Clary Sage and Lemon), Uplifting Spa Blend (Grapefruit, Bergamot and Vanilla) and Restful Spa Blend (Roman Chamomile and Lemon), all free of parabens, artificial colours, artificial fragrance, synthetics and other skin irritants. After the successful launch of the aromatherapy treatment creams, our passion for wellness led us to extend the aromatherapy collection with handcrafted aromatherapy soy candles which embody the therapeutic and medicinal properties of 100% natural, plant-based essential oils.
Our third and latest HANN collection is a skincare collaboration with the leader in the global medical aesthetic market, pairing with best-in-class technology and prominent Korean facial plastic surgeons to create a highly effective, doctor-grade Multi-Growth Factors range of products. Every product under this range is free of parabens, artificial fragrance, alcohol, colorants, allergens, mineral oil, animal oil, and phenolic and benzophenone antioxidants. Only human-friendly ingredients such as natural polyphenol and phytochemical-peptide are used to expedite healthy tissue regrowth, while tackling all other skin problems from expression lines and dark spots to skin laxity, and more.PDRN Solution and Idebenone Solution are the two star products of this range which contain high concentration of Multi-Growth Factors, Peptides and multiple antioxidants, delivered to the epidermis through innovative Liquid Crystalsome technology to ensure the stability of active ingredients and the highest skin penetration. For skin which undergoes regular medical aesthetic procedures, these two products will provide the maximum nutrition your skin needs to recover in the shortest period of time.